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American Delicious Apple

This kind of Apple is small and round shaped and quite juicy. American Trel is very crispy and sweet in taste. The skin of the fruit is white greenish and sweet. This apple ripens in September and is out in market by mid- September. It offers good taste in desserts and comparatively much cheaper in price. This variety is popular with customer for its absolute shape, red color and cheaper price.
Delicious or Red Delicious Apple is a world-popular and most widely grown variety of apple in Sapore region in Kashmir. Color of the skin is blush red and the texture is smooth. Flesh of the Red delicious apple is greenish white and grained, sweet and juicy. Its crispiness and aromatic features made it more attractive. Size of the fruit may vary from medium to large. The fruit can be found abundantly in local market immediately after it ripens in mid-September.

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