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Cerulean Blue Kani Palla Pashmina Shawl

An array of dyads and with them floral vines, all in the kani weave, grace the pallas of a refreshing blue shawl, as you choose to wrap yourself in its simplistic elegance this winter. Before coming into existence, the shawl passes through the hands of master artisans who weave it into warps and wefts over a traditional handloom, bringing into existence the luxurious Pashmina shawl in the most calming shade of blue, still incomplete. The Kani weaver, to whom it is passed next, weaves its borders into entangled floral vines and dyads, breathing new life into the plain surface. A perfect pick for the ladies of class, let the shawl grace your shoulders, and turn heads as it speaks volumes about its grandiose and your unique charmAbout Kani Pashmina Brought into the world of luxury fashion by Empress Josephine who was gifted the Kani Jamavar by Napolean, perhaps nothing speaks of the glorious Arts and Crafts of Kashmir, as does a sumptuous Kani Pashmina. The wraps were first made in Kashmir 600 years ago and the popularity grew in the era of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Kani in Kashmiri means small wooden sticks which are used to create eclectic patterns in Pashminas at the time of weaving. A fully Jamawar Kani Pashmina takes about 12 to 24 months to complete. Kashmir Box Kani Pashmina Collection

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